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Bill is what is known in the industry as a "Natural". Born in Dallas, he was formally schooled in all media beginning in public school, to The University of Texas at Arlington, Dallas Art Institute and finally entered the arena of professional commercial art and illustration in the early '70s. Bill is proficient in all media, ranging from airbrush, oils, acrylics, pen & ink, watercolor, sculpture, and computer illustration. On this site you will find many different examples of artwork tailored to fit a wide style-range that is as flexible as is needed to satisfy any client. Portraits, landscapes, caricatures and photo-realistic illustration are among the many stylings you will find here. Style is not a problem - Bill has been comissioned to duplicate styles ranging from Rivera to Rembrandt, from Moses to Monet.

Some of Bill's recent clients include Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez, Tom Hicks, Bucky Dent, Bobby Bragan, Shane Halter and many other major league baseball personnel (since he was an exhibitor at the old gallery at The Ballpark in Arlington where many commissioned items were done). Most recently, Bill's artwork has been published in many books including "The True Story of Noah's Ark" and "America's Lost Dream" (New Leaf Press).

Bill likes to tell his clients that he offers as wide a range of styles and "flavors" as a candy store. Whatever your needs may be - whatever the style, taste or venue - welcome to the candy store! What's your pleasure?


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